Phuket cheap holiday

Cheap holidays in Phuket are now available, thanks to international airfares decreasing and excellent discount packages being offered by hotels and mid-range resorts. Villas are also becoming more affordableas they offer an alternative for large groups of family or friends, with added extras which actually help to keep the price down.

One way to enjoy a cheap holiday is to avoid expensive tours and daytrips. There are many ways to see Phuket independently, without payinga huge fee.  Trips to waterfalls and parks can be arranged simply by hiring a car, or even by taxi.  Temple fairs can be discovered all overthe island and offer an affordable treat for the whole family, with rides, games and delicious Thai food all on offer.

Shopping trips to local markets are also an excellent idea.  Not only a cultural insight into the country, they sell food, handicrafts, clothes and household items, all at prices that the average Thai personcan afford. Treasures abound and half the fun is in spending hours browsing from stall to stall.