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charter on sustainable Tourism and responsible travel


Tourism makes a contribution to climate change, with the emissions of carbon dioxide (Co2), through air travel and ground activities such as accommodation and ground transport.
As such, Samui Villas and Homes Company Limited and Phuket Villas and Homes Company Limited - Group of Companies (hereafter referred to as SVH-PVH) is responsible and committed to respect and contribute to keeping tourism in Koh Samui an environmentally sustainable business.

We recognize that businesses as well as individuals need to make radical changes to the way they live, travel and use energy in order to reduce the amount of CO2 and GHG (green house gas) emissions into the atmosphere that causes climate change and therefore serious damages to the ecosystem on which we depend.
The United Nations General Assembly has decreed that 2008 is the International Year of Planet Earth, to make people more aware of the human consequences of climate change and the impact of sustainable development.

SVH-PVH is obligated and committed to minimize the environmental impact of our business and reduce carbon emissions to protect the natural environment and the local community of Koh Samui. We will develop our business in a manner that takes into consideration the balance between the natural environment, social responsibility and economic prosperity for the benefit of all parties concerned - our guests, our associates, our neighbors and our stakeholders.

  • Environmental stewardship - protecting air, water, land and ecosystems, as well as conserving resources for future generations.
  • Social responsibility - improving the quality of life and equity for individuals, communities and society as a whole.
  • Economic prosperity - reducing costs, adding value and creating economic opportunity for individuals, organizations and communities.

Our goal is to achieve a sustainable low carbon economy through actions aiming at neutralizing or reducing carbon emissions wherever it is possible.
To achieve this goal we base our commitment on achieving an environmentally sustainable tourism business on the "Carbon Neutral Concept"

The Carbon Neutral approach to carbon management is for businesses, organizations and individuals to measure their carbon footprint, set stretching targets which either achieve net zero emissions immediately or over a period of time through a combination of reductions at source (also called internal emissions) and reductions delivered through carbon reduction projects, also known as offset projects (external emissions).

SVH-PVH is therefore committed to work towards and achieving:

A) Environmentally Sustainable Tourism. Click

B) Environmentally Responsible Travel. Click

And contribute to the establishment of:

C) CO2 Offset Program in Samui. Click