Koh Samui Holiday Rentals

Many people who have invested in property on Koh Samui do not live on the island year-round, and therefore there are a large number of good quality homes in the rental pool' which are let by agents in the owner's absence. Provided the rental agency is professional and reputable, the benefits of this arrangement are multifold: Owners gain peace of mind, are ensured that their property is secure, well maintained and realizes maximum occupancy due to the large portfolio of clients agents can access; tenants have the advantage of the extra services, local information and assistance that rental agents can supply; and finally agents access some of the outstanding properties on the island, to offer their clients.

The more developed east coast offers the widest choice of rentals, and is closest to amenities such as the airport, hospitals, and dining and shopping districts. On the other hand, the more tranquil west coast is host to some of the more exclusive developments, and for those wishing to get away from it all, the easy village ambience, uncrowded beaches, wooded hillsides, and stunning sunsets of the west coast present an attractive alternative. Many of the holiday villas available on the island provide excellent amenities such as pools, gardens, jacuzzis, beach-front access and are fully furnished and tastefully decorated in contemporary Asian style.