Koh Samui Luxury Apartments

The past two years has seen a rise in the number of smaller luxury apartments and condominiums on Samui. "Due to the International airport and an increase in direct flight routesto other cities in Asia and the island expanding infrastructure.

Investorshave turned to these smaller luxury complexes which provide them with aplace to stay on their short visits, the added security on their investment brought about by the recent changes to the foreign ownership rights - making it easier for foreign investors to own an apartment within a complex. Plus, the opportunity for quick investment returns through organized rentals.

Luxury apartment rentals are ideal forshort term visitors wanting to make the most of the islands entertainment venues and nightlife - still requiring the private facilities and amenities without the expense of hotel.

Located inthe more developed parts of the islands, they provide the perfect resting place for the young energetic visitors who want to combine a short break with the luxury amenities these complexes offer near to the night spots.