Phuket property

When compared to other resort destinations in Thailand like Pattaya, Krabi and Koh Samui, the Phuket property market appears significantly more established and developed. A large number of local and international real estate agents serve buyers from an even wider range of countries worldwide. The addition of rental specialists such as Phuket Villlas and Homes has made the market all the more diverse. Unlike some of its sister destinations, Phuket is no longer reliant on buyers from regional locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore as the island is now seeing a large influx of investors from Europe and the United States.

Properties on Phuket can sell for anything between 5 million to 100 million baht, and prices are highly dependent on factors such as location and size. Phuket beachfront and sea view properties command significantly higher prices than inland homes, although a number of new condominium developments are now available close to the island's commercial districts.

Phuket has been marketed internationally since the 1990s when Laguna Phuket - a large area of man-made lagoons in the Bang Tao district attracted large scale interest and investment. Since then, a number of well known hotel brands have established themselves on the island and many include residential properties within their resorts, Banyan Tree, Sheraton, and Dusit Laguna have long been names on the island, with Jumeirah,Taj Hotels and others now also developing mixed use projects.