Property in Koh Samui

Riding on the wave of Thailand's excellent international reputation as a premium holiday destination, property investors in the Gulf of Thailand have been continuing to enjoy steady capital growth, despite recent political upheavals. Thailand's excellent connectivity to Asia and the rest of the world, its relatively low cost of living, favourable climate, sophisticated infrastructure and stable economy are just some of the reasons that the property market has remained buoyant, and the government's strong marketing ensures ever-increasing flows of holiday-makers, ex-pat residents and retirees.

Samui is one of the fastest developing property market outside of the capital and has recently seen an influx of Russian, Eastern European and American buyers, in addition to the traditional demographic of Asian and Europeans.

Property prices remain favourable when compared to Europe or the US, however are still generally achieving strong growth rates of around 10-15% per annum. Real-estate agents on the island have reported a general move away from the heavily developed and pricey tourist areas like Chaweng and are looking to North and South for higher yield and better quality plots.

Average property prices for condo's and houses on Samui range between 5-20 million baht, taking into account factors such as size, proximity to beaches and views. High end villas though, cost significantly more with plenty of superstar-style villas upwards of 40 million baht.