Rentals Phuket

For owners that do not wish to move full time out to Phuket, renting a property can cover the cost of running their villa and even provide a pleasing second income. The white beaches, friendly climate, stunning landscape and welcoming people guarantee a constant stream of visitors looking for places to stay. Combined with nature, Phuket boasts an infrastructure that has been carefully developed over a number of years, and now include an international airport, good roads, a diverse range of shopping options and a selection of excellent inexpensive golf courses

Phuket has become a residential magnet in recent years and also remains ever-attractive to tourists. This has has stimulated the holiday rental market as all the things that go with a growing ex-pat community also suit the tastes of thousands of tourists that travel to Phuket. Top nightlife options such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs keep the atmosphere lively and the transient nature of the home owner population suits the similarly impermanent holiday crowd.

With management and maintenance contracts in place, renting a property on Phuket is an attractive and successful approach to non-permanent residence that suits and benefits thousands of investors and villa owners island-wide, while at the same time guaranteeing a wide choice of properties and services for those looking to rent a holiday home.